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Discussion on: 5 Best practices of using GIT, that every software developer should know — in 5 minutes

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Mich Rodz

Not to be negative, but IMHO I don't agree/wouldn't recommend some of the claims in this article:

  1. I personally would never put a timestamp in the name of the branch.
  2. Also, I would never use the "master" branch as the "production" branch. We use an environment-named branch "dev", "qa", "stg" and "prod" and feature branches that should in principle be only merged in master. Sometimes it's a hotfix that needs to be merged in higher environments.
  3. A good commit message is not important because of it being a "first impression": It's a concise description or summary of what is done in the commit, or the issue/ticket closed by the commit.
  4. "We always run into a problem where .gitignore simply doesn’t listen." what? is this joke?

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