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Discussion on: Why you should drop ExpressJS in 2021

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Michael Z

Interested in why you think this way, could you explain further?

In my experience, it allows for seamless integration with other parts of the framework, so you don't have to write the glue code for it.
Also, frameworks come with support for multiple DB drivers that make switching the engine straight forward.

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Giuseppe Silletti

It depends where the framework puts this glue code. If it's straight in the controllers for example that's not always a good idea. Maybe it can work in simple CRUD app, but for anything more complex you want your persistence logic somewhere else (far from domain business logic)

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Jordan Brennan

Yes that’s true, but my point is about monolithic server-side web frameworks vs. a more service-oriented architecture. The latter enables any client (web apps, native apps, cli) to use the same service and also avoids throwing all traffic at the same server.