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Discussion on: I'm thinking about taking over an abandoned GitHub project: what is your advice?

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michelemauro Author

A PR is really a good idea.

I can file a PR modifying the README (what I did can't be expressed in a single PR: I made 4 indipendent repos from one) pointing to the new repository: the author (and all the people asking for help in the issues) can read the PR and respond; the other users can make their choice.

I'll still publish on a different organization to avoid clashes; if the author doesn't respond, and I need to change the code further, I'll rewrite the packages and make it an indipendent project.

Thank you 😊

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Davyd McColl • Edited

I'd also mention in the PR that you're happy to take over maintenance, if the repo owner is too busy. I recently did this with gulp-msbuild. If you get no response from the original owner (properly abandoned), I suggest a fork, coming up with a good name, including the original repo in a link in the readme & credits and publishing. I did something similar for the javascript package cnfg, after fixing a bug, whilst the original maintainer was hesitent to update from a PR (he did, after a while, and I marked my fork as obsolete)