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Discussion on: Open Source is Broken

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michelemauro • Edited

But, if we dig a little deeper, we see that these two clauses have an interesting feature: They privilege the consumer of Open Source code over the producer,
This is pretty absurd.

Well, it wasn't when Open and Free Software were designed.

While your argument is very well built, I think that you should take time perspective in account: maybe OS and FS (someone else has already told you how different they are) need an overhaul because the market and the whole society have changed a lot, in the last 30 years. And, as you point out, they are many attempts at that being carried out, by many actors.

Saying that "Open Source is immoral" still needs many pages of careful wording and specification, before becoming a valid sentence. You bring many valuable discussion point to the table, but I don't subscribe to this view.