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Discussion on: Hide Checked Exceptions with SneakyThrows

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Worthy subject. There still is a lot of space for debate, and different codebases will need very different solutions.
Time ago I had a coworker who introduced some SneakyThrows use, but ultimately we felt it hindred debugging because sometimes an Exception was swallowed without a trace in the logs, and at development time it promoted an habit to check a method implementation for "sneakiness"...
The definitive solution to this problem is only the Either monad at API level. Everything else is just impedence adaptation.

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Victor Rentea Author

Either (or vavr.Try) might be overkill to add everywhere for large codebases. It actually depends: if you are integrating with a system/library that throws a lot of checked exceptions at you, @SneakyThrows might not be a bad idea. On the other hand, using it just a few places it might indeed increase the risk, as people will probably be unaware of what it does and its hidden quirks.