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Discussion on: Any tips for onboarding developers? Let us know for the chance to be featured on a DEV podcast!

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Onboarding starts before "getting on board": thinking about new dev onboarding (also known as "thinking about team scalability and resilience") means having:

  • general/product goal/architecture documentation well laid out and kept fresh
  • clear processes for HR (first), and commit/push/test/CI/collaboration/release (better if automated)
  • and a practice of reaching out and speaking about how the organization works and how it pursues its goal of attracting talent and doing good business.

If you have this in place, then onboarding is really easy, and adding hands to the team is no more hassle than picking the right personality and some familiarity with the tools.

Oh, and all that will be beneficial all around, so making onboarding easier is just icing on the cake.