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Discussion on: What I need to do to be a Software Engineer?

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Titles are just words, except when they are legally regulated, and you are using them in official communications. If in your work environment/in the job marketing you are targetting, "engineer" is a regulated term (i.e. in Italy it is: you have to have a specific degree, not just a C.S. one, and pass a standard exam) you should use it carefully to correctly set the expectations of who you're talking to. So, when in Italy I call myself "Software Engineer", I use the Italian term ("Ingegnere Informatico") because I legally can, and everyone I'm talking to knows exactly what it means and the kind of degree I have. Of course, that doesn't tell much of my work experience.

Apart from that, a C.S. degree is a good thing (I teach in one 😁) but it's not an absolute necessity. I have several coworkers who don't have a degree and are extremely capable developers and great team members.

If that is your goal, depending on how the profession is regulated in Brazil, a degree may be a worthy pursuit: experience alone may not be enough, if haven't the luck of working in a place that makes you learn a well-rounded set of skills.

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André Matias Author

Here in Brazil, We don't have legal regulations unfortunately.
And in some places and situations, calling yourself an engineer without a degree is a selfish act for some people.
I really don't care for them. I've had always experience as a good weapon to fight.
Thank you to reply