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Discussion on: Bitcoin and the claim of Total Turingness.

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This misses the whole point. "Bitcoin" is said turing complete because you can create an UTXO that will execute a certain script code over and over, bot because script is TC (of course script isn't TC), but the whole UTXO can only execute a predefined script code over and over hence the turing completeness (each tx will be a step of the turing machine for instance)
However it might be true that the 200 opcode limit makes it non TC, but if you remove this artificial limit it's 100% TC. I think 100opcode is enough to loop anyway, so maybe with 200opcodes you are TC
(And eth is not quasi TC wtf it's just TC, and yes if you don't support loop it means that you are not TC, and no the bitcoin network is not more "turing" than something else it makes 0 sense)
To loop =>