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The Friendship App

If I could build an app - the app that I would want built is a really sophisticated people matching app. The purpose of this app would be to connect people with similar interests and backgrounds together. With the use of sophisticated AI and match-making technologies, ideally the people that we would want to have connected to each other would have similar backgrounds, interests, et cetera. With the main target of users being aimed at the young adult generation - specifically those in college or recent graduates. I think that because most of the matchmaking apps are mainly focused on dating, that it would be nice to have one that would be focused on purely making and creating friendships.

The usability of this app would be quite simple, it would be accessible through whatever smart mobile device that you would expect to carry, and downloadable in the app store. When using the app, it would temporarily use your location and match you with people in the area based off of the information you listed as being your interests. Steps to verify who you say you are could be done through a facial recognition system that users would have to certify through when first signing up to the app and every so often.

If money was no concern and time was no concern, I would assemble my life skills to master a specific craft in tech - whether it be in the inner workings of cybersecurity or innovative things such as web or application development. I strongly believe that any master of a specific trade within tech can make a big impact on the world if they are able to manifest and put their skills on the table for good and productivity. Personally, for me, I've been studying in cybersecurity for 4 years at Penn State. So, as I'm already familiar with this as opposed to other things, I would want to further develop my skills within this trade. I think that being a part of a groundbreaking company or an organization that is changing the way we look at cybersecurity would be something fascinating to do - a company with work that puts users' steps ahead of threat actors as opposed to it being the other way around.

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