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Considerations for Web Components

When designing a web component card there are some key elements that need to be included:

  1. Header
  2. Icon
  3. Banner
  4. Body

The header will contain the icon, as well as any additional titles or subtitles that may need to be included. The icon itself will be represented by an SVG file. The banner of the card includes a colored background for the header, subheader, and the icon to rest on. The body contains any images or texts that may need to be included.

For our group, because it's a team of 4, the plan would be for each one of the team members to handle an element of the task. Any members that finish early, can assist other members in the progress and completion of their work in order to ensure a successful development process.

Unfortunately, I do not have much previous experience with web development prior to having taken this class, so there is a lot to be learned with each project and task that we've been assigned to work on. Getting through the button task has really helped me become more familiar with how the development of web components go and what I can expect in this line of work.

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