What was your win this week?

Michael Tharrington (he/him) on June 21, 2019

⏪⏪⏪ Looking back on your week -- what was something you're proud of? All wins count -- big or small 🎉 Examples of 'wins' include: Getting a ... [Read Full]
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I got a remote job as a community moderator, and I have an interview at the company of my dreams next week!


Congratulations, Doaa


Thanks Mahmoud 😄


@Doaa , Congratulations :)


Thank you so much!


I'll throw in a Dev Selfie with my win. Dropped 20lbs of fat and feeling awesome.

Weight Loss Progress

Way to go! In a similar fashion, this is week 2 for me of bringing my lunch to work everyday. Realized I was spending wayyy too much on eating out for lunch and needed to cut that shit out.

I've probably saved between $120-$300 so far this way.


NICE! That's awesome! :)


This is better than all the motivation/productivity & mood threads. Congrats & good work.


Big week here:

  • Edie Windsor Coding Scholars were announced, and I'm one of them!
  • I finally got a project that I've been working on halfway working - been too stubborn to ask for help because I knew it was something easy and obvious, and it was
  • Thought of a name for all my mental health/wellness projects to host them under one lid and registered that domain and I'm quite pleased with the cleverness of it

Outside of tech-y stuff, I got my partner to watch Drop Dead Gorgeous (one of my favorite movies), and we both laughed so hard that my stomach still hurts.


Congrats all around!!

Any chance you can share this cleverly named domain? Totally interested now...


I just pointed the nameservers so it's probably not loading yet, but... we-are-anxio.us

oh, I am funny. 😂


Managed to increase the performance of a very slow piece of code by a factor of 4.

Doing my masters degree in tandem with a full time job, I am relieved to see one of the most demanding courses be left behind me for good


I finally had a technical interview that I felt calm, cool, and collected all the way through. My first few I got very anxious and had a hard time thinking straight, so this is a big step forward for me!!


Outside of personal life wins, I've got a few tech ones:

  1. I grew my dev discord server by a lot of members and everyone is exciting to start on the 30DaysOfCommits challenge I'm doing!
  2. I'm using React Storybook for the first time ever. That's been on my list for ages to try out
  3. I started on setting up a development environment for my wordpress blog using Docker. I haven't worked on my blog in ages because I hate using WAMP and that whole workflow so hopefully this will work out better! :)

Can you share you discord server's link?


Sure thing here's the discord invite

And check out the info on the challenge as if you're interested!


Got hired! First interview right after leaving the old job. The technical interviewer was very cool, said I did great, and the offer was great. So relieved. In fact they hired me before all the other companies called me back. 😅

EDIT: honestly I feel kinda sorry that it had been so easy on me. :(


My project got 10 stars on GitHub:

GitHub logo filips123 / ZeroTemplate

Template for creating and developing ZeroNet sites

ZeroNet Template

Template for creating and developing ZeroNet sites.


This project provides a template for creating and developing ZeroNet sites.

It supports NPM dependencies and it uses Gulp and Browserify for bundling scripts. It also supports SASS and automatic deployments with Travis CI.



You must have Git and Node.js installed on your computer. It is recommended that use the latest versions.

It is also recommended to also install Python and ZeroNet for easier developing and deploying. Currently, only Python 2.7 is supported but Python 3 version of ZeroNet is in development.


If you don't already have your own ZeroNet site, you should create it from ZeroNet. Details are available in ZeroNet documentation. You must have a site's address and a private key.

You can then clone or fork this repository and install dependencies. It already contains an example site and code with ZeroFrame API

And I created (my first) Dev.to post about it:


Heyoo! Busy week right there. Nice accomplishments!


Made another step to learning good practices and improving my company's product code quality by implementing my first Visitor Pattern in an actual (aka not an example code) app!

I hope I'll achieve to convince everyone in the team of its usefulness regarding our use case...


I started a website with a friend of mine to do design, code and resume reviews. We were both starting to do it separately, but we decided we'd be stronger together. So, I threw together a website to display the videos and take requests and we got a decent amount of requests so far! I'm way too excited about it, to be honest :D

You can check it out here and sign up for a review if you want! peerreviews.dev


Nice! Watched one of these the other day and it was awesome!

Also, great domain name! Making good use of that .dev I see! 👍


Glad you enjoyed it! Hoping they get better and better, too!

Gotta love a TLD that doesn't have too many domains used up yet!


I had a three-day-long Angular & TypeScript-Workshop at work.

I understand better the appeal of having your Framework define lots of things like Routing and Ajax for you. I can see how its restrictive nature is a good fit for larger teams with diverse seniorities. Also the first-class IDE-support you get with TS is something I envied Java-Devs for. I guess that's why it is so huge in the enterprisey sector.

Half of the attendees were Java/Backend-Developers. They were amazed and surprised about how close all of that is to working with things like Spring (I have no idea if that is actually true).

For my personal taste it's still too object-oriented and verbose. Plus I'm a fan of server-rendering most things. But, you know, as Front-End-Dev in 2019 it can't hurt to know it. Plus TS and RxJS are impressive and I'll definitely use them in near future.


You can use server side rendering using Angular Universal. angular.io/guide/universal


In the right enviroment yes. At my work, projects & company I don't think I could justify a dedicated node-server only for the front-end, in addition to the Java-Server(s). Also I haven't worked on SPAs yet.

I could imagine it's a great fit if your app consumes services from all over the place. Then you need a front-end-server anyways.


Too object oriented? Do tell!


Mine is getting my first job as a front-end developer only a month after graduation.


Wow! That's super quick. Congrats!!


I've refactored a bunch of components that we had in one of our Angular application and moved them into a library so we can use them across the rest of Angular projects in the company.😄

It was pretty much a challenge because the components code before doing the refactor was tightly coupled to the rest of the project.


Well, writing my first weekly retro post is definitely a win! 😀



This was one of those weeks where getting through the week was all that I could accomplish...


Ah, one of those weeks eh? I'm familiar with that feeling. Thank goodness it's the weekend! 😀


I finally installed Ubuntu on my notebook, installed core programs to start working again and i'm looking forward to start programming using my new setup!

(Maybe i should have installed Debian instead of Ubuntu, but i wasn't sure how much would the configuration take, so maybe later)

also i want to make a shoutout to Sasidharan's post, that made me finally do this step!


Great step...don't worry about picking the right distro for now. You will learn a lot during your Linux life and your opinions might change.


I lead a team who successfully migrated an e-commerce app from

Spree 2.3 to Spree 3.7(9 versions), Rails 4.1 to 5.2(4 versions) and Ruby 2.2 to 2.6(4 versions).

It was very challenging as many versions changed in between, used many abandoned gems and some of the core functionality was complete rewrite and have no/little documentation.

There are some regressions but comprehensive test suite helped us to release confidently.


Am travelling the entire week so no real tech wins there. First long vacation in years so I guess that's a win by itself :)

Attaching some pictures 😃


Nice, I got a good long vacation coming up a few weeks. Please do attach some pictures!


I did 😯

Anyways, here's a Google Photos album that won't do a disappearing act on me 😛



Completed successfully the last class of my master's degree in Pervasive and Mobile Computing..
I have also participated at a dance show with two choreographies (ATS and Tribal Fusion).
I had to dance in the show one day before the exams!!!
Well both of these tasks went great!
P.S. I work full time. (But took a few days off in order to study:)
Here's a detail of my dance:


Oh, awesome moves!! And wow, sounds like you've been incredibly busy!


Migrated my blog from Gatsby to Hugo even before writing the first post!


You know you have to write a post about this, right :D ?

I do remember this post by @lauragift21 from March:


Yeah, nice idea! Thanks! Hope I don't turn it into a lot of ranting... :-D


Biggest win yesterday after a lot of head banging- Figuring out in Capybara that
click_button 'Favorite'

does something different than


Can't hear head banging and not think of headbanging, i.e. heavy metal. 🤘🎸


Also congrats! Hopefully no more head banging for you, but maybe some headbanging! 😎


Finally shipped my first Django feature for a project in my internship. 100% test coverage!

  1. First time to use unit testing on my frontend project(still need a lot to learn and do).
  2. And commit to do workout 4 times in a week.



Learned python :)


Refactored some rather ugly Python procedural code into a manageable library.


Got Ansible working locally & wrote the first half of a nice set of deploy tasks.


Finally converted some internal RPMs from CentOS/RHEL6 do CentOS/RHEL7 :))


I'm just out of college, but got an offer as engineering lead with a communications provider based on my 9 years of freelance experience


Wow, 9 years of freelance experience and fresh out of college!!

... shuffles around nervously

What am I doing with myself?!

In all seriousness though, that is awesome! Congrats!!

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