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re: I did look into that Michael, but because I am on the free version of wordpress you cant do canonical as far as I can tell. I did also try the rss ...

Hey Steve,

No worries! Really strange that wordpress doesn't support canonical. It's my understanding that you just need the URL of any original site designate a canonical.

For instance, if you write this URL ( in the front matter of your post (i.e. canonical_url: whateveryouURLis) then DEV will point back to that URL via HTML with the canonical tag basically telling search engines this is the canonical source.

I honestly think it works regardless of whether your using WordPress, a personal site, or really any other website.

Also, if you opt to post via RSS, your posts will be pulled into your dashboard on DEV, but not posted until you enter them and change published to true.

I feel a bit dumb now, well dumber than usual :-) I will use the RSS feed option. Thanks for letting me know what was wrong Michael.

Nahhh... definitely don't feel dumb. When it comes to the subjects you're writing about, you know a heck of a lot more than me. It's my job to know about the ins and outs of this site, haha!

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