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Hey Josh, great post!

Just a quick tip. I noticed that you link to the Seven Steps... at the end of your post.

You could also edit both this post and the other to include "series: whatever name you'd like for your series" in the front matter. This'll connect your two posts with a cool little dot scroll option at the top of each post that lets the reader easily flip between posts in the series.

Umm yeah, no idea what this option is actually called, so chose to call it a "dot scroll" ... but anyway, it looks like this:

my series

... in my posts here & here.

Of course, it's not necessary, just a nice to have!


I love this! Thanks for sharing!

Is there anyway to control the order? I'm assuming it's just based on the date, and apparently I posted the wrong one first


Hmmmm... honestly, I've not tried to fiddle with that yet. I'll see what I can find out and let ya know. :-)


So yep, your hypotheses is correct — works based on the published date!

Ahh yeah I figured... now I know for the future!

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