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As someone that's just starting out, it definitely feels overwhelming how many courses and training materials there are out there. I feel like I need a course just to introduce me to all the different courses/routes I could take while I'm at square one.

I just recently started up Learn Python the Hard Way thinking I was going to get straight into some Python coding, but then I was pointed to the Appendix to learn some command line basics first. I also kind of wondered if I should have studied up on some theory or something before picking a language. In the end though, I trust that this resource figures I'm a total newbie, they'll probably try and explain some theory to me through the material as it's presented... hopefully. 🤞


Learn Git and basic command line in linux. It can help you in automating things and collaborate better as a developer once you had done with the book or course.

If you are interested in going for web development using Django I know a few good resources that can help you in becoming a Django developer. if that's what you look for when you are starting out.

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