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Hey Lindsey!

Just wanted to say thanks very much for sharing these tips. I just started a WFH position this week... with DEV actually! :-D I'm a Community Coordinator, and admittedly not a dev... yet.

Anyway, when I applied at the start of last month, I actually selected this post as something I'd choose to tweet out—basically meaning I think it's super valuable and well written. I can't remember what I actually wrote in my sample tweet, but I'll just say that at the time I dropped this in my reading list and I'm so glad I did.

I've been following your tips and living a healthy WFH life... I already have 3 cats (who do their best to distract me!) and I'm even regularly brushing my teeth, haha! But seriously, thanks for this, it's good to hear from somebody else who's already been there.


I am so glad! I'd love to hear how that goes and if you have some tips that you'd like to add too :)

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