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a helpful repo on community management & moderation

michaeltharrington profile image Michael Tharrington (he/him) ・1 min read

Lots of folks know and love Atom, right?

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:atom: The hackable text editor


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Atom is a hackable text editor for the 21st century, built on Electron, and based on everything we love about our favorite editors. We designed it to be deeply customizable, but still approachable using the default configuration.


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Visit to learn more or visit the Atom forum.

Follow @AtomEditor on Twitter for important announcements.

This project adheres to the Contributor Covenant code of conduct By participating, you are expected to uphold this code. Please report unacceptable behavior to


If you want to read about using Atom or developing packages in Atom, the Atom Flight Manual is free and available online. You can find the source to the manual in atom/

The API reference for developing packages is also documented on




Download the latest Atom release.

Atom will automatically update when a new release is available.


Well, you should also get to know the Atom community manager, Lee Dohm... or at least his writing and collection of resources on community management & moderation.

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Thoughts and writings on community management

Community Management and Moderation

This repository contains my thoughts, lessons, guidelines and learnings around community management and moderation.

Rules of Thumb

  • Not everything deserves a response
  • Of the things that do merit a response, virtually none of them need a response right now


General Communication


These docs are super helpful whether you're maintaining your own project on GitHub and looking for tips on how to best guide your community... or if you're just planning on joining an online community and want a better sense of how they're run.

Hope you enjoy Lee's writing as much as I have!

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Andy Zhao (he/him)

This looks like a great compilation. Thanks for sharing!

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