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re: Tech lead was always my career goal...my reasoning was that I wanted to make more of a difference than I could as an individual developer. Meaning ...

Scott, this is an amazing story. Thanks so much for sharing. Please do reach out to me 1:1 to see if I can be of any help while you do this. Trying to build a whole tech lead community to back you up.

Your story reminds me of mine a bit, and I'm sure many others. Later this week I'm going to post something about how big a transition the tech lead step is, but I'm with you.

Writing software, as an individual contributor, is, all by itself, a great opportunity. But at some point lot of us want to reach further. Being a tech lead is usually the first onramp.

When I first reached for it, I was pretty mediocre because of many factors, confusing motivations being one of them. My work these days is to try to make it better.

Seriously reach out to me 1:1. Hopefully I can help!!!

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