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re: Gunna go ahead and disagree here. Writing terrible code is never a great thing. Looking back on terrible code you've written should bring great sha...

That seems pretty double standard there. Writing terrible code is a natural part of developing, not everything you do will be immediately perfect. You shouldn't feel no shame nor embarrassment from it. If you rewrite your code down the line for the better, then you're making customers happy by improving on existing work and likely adding new features in the same breath.


I would argue that you should always be writing the best code you can write at the time. For you, at the time, that isn't terrible code, that's the best you can do.

The impression I got from the original post was that you're consciously writing bad code, recognizing it, and dismissing it. That was more what I was responding to.

Regarding rewriting bad code: If something works, I would generally not touch it. It's usually not worth the time and mental load. That's only if it works though. You can have the most steaming pile of garbage code, but if it works, there's absolutely zero reason to ever touch it.

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