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Should I quit Android Development?

michaelgrigoryan25 profile image Michael Grigoryan ・1 min read

Hello everyone. I guess everyone in the Android developer community knows that Google is aggressively deprecating some components in Android such as custom toasts which will be deprecated from Android 12. I really hate to say this but I'm not OK with Google and the other maintainers of Android that do such things. I understand that every little piece and deprecation have their own purpose. It's just that I'm fed up with all of this. I don't want to waste time creating a custom layout. I just want to use my own toast man. I don't want to stick with Material Design only. I want to create my own without depending on it.

Help me make the right decision guys

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Vaishnavi G

Get into iOS development. Best ever coding experience for me.

michaelgrigoryan25 profile image
Michael Grigoryan Author

You have to spend a fortune just to start programming for/on iOS. Xcode and such stuff works only on Apple products (which I hate)