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Discussion on: Schedule Netlify Builds with GitHub Actions, Cron, and Webhooks

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Thanks. I have be thinking about this idea for a long time but this is the first time I've seen someone do it.

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Michael Chan Author

thanks for reading it!
I find GitHub Actions to be a great place for this. I love that anyone in the project can edit and submit a PR to change the schedule.

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That's great to hear, when Michael mentioned he was trying to do this I thought, "How can this be a thing that hasn't been done a million times?" Yet we found very little prior art on it.

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The case is you have external content driving your Netlify site. Maybe not many people need that.

You can use a local cron job assuming your laptop is always connected to the internet and awake.

GH Actions is the obvious choice for me, if one knows it exists and it supports schedule.

Maybe there are some other free services which do the same. You could use Datadog or some other monitoring platform even to hit your private URL daily.

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anthony-campolo • Edited

I know of two projects that are aimed at providing a wide range of different background job and scheduling features that I think would include this kind of use case. I haven't used either but I know the creators of each from their work on Redwood (Rob Cameron) and Blitz (Simon Knott) respectively.


Described as being a Job Queue as a Service that is aimed at Background job processing for the Jamstack.

Common uses include:

  • Send emails & notifications
  • Check for heartbeat
  • Image processing
  • Data transformations
  • PDF generation


Described as job queueing for serverless.

Jobs include:

  • Delayed Jobs
  • Fanout Jobs
  • Recurring Jobs
  • Cron Jobs
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