I have changed the layout on Colors & fonts

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Finally, I changed the layout...
Many requested to be able to see more color palettes, gradients In a row. So here it goes.

I have removed the affiliates links also because I mean, they don't look nice either.

With these changes, I hope that users can have a better workflow when looking for their colors and typography styles.

Have a good day !

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Oh boy that's great for someone like me. I'm incapable to choose right colors πŸ˜†


Haha I am glad you like it Evaldas. Thank you mate.


Great job on the site! I never knew about this and definitely had to bookmark it for future use. I have no critiques right, just wanted to say thank you.


Thank you KJ! That's very kind of you. Don't hesitate to contact me to let me know if you find some bug or anything.

Thank you again m8 !

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