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A lovely article, all the way.

I couldn't agree more.

In case you guys ate interested I am running and I send every 2 weeks a newsletter showing how to apply a color palette to a design system.
You can see it here.

This is how it works.

Color Schemes.

The color schemes that we are gonna work on are based on the ones in Colors & Fonts. We are going to take a Design system and apply the chosen color


The color will be presented on a Design System including buttons, forms, inputs, and components.


An image will be provided to download and you will be able to copy to Figma. Also, you get a SASS and JS file with the variables to download from GitHub if you want to implement the colors right away.

I hope the color palettes are worth it for you guys.
reach me out here or twitter
have a great day everyone:- )

It's all free !

Have a good day ans thank you for the wonderful post.


Wonderful initiative, Michael!

It's very interesting, a great work, and thank you for your kind words :)

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