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30 Days of Tailwind CSS

michaelandreuzza profile image michael-andreuzza ・1 min read

Hello everyone!

So, yeah here it is. I have been wishing to this for quite a long time.

Why bothering doing the challenge?

the intention is to simply introduce people to Tailwind CSS, I keep reading that they postpone it, that they want to...

Is it difficult?

Nope, is basic stuff but at the and you'll be fine building a whole site. That's for sure.

What's in?

30 days, 30 different things to do, that's it.

how do I keep myself accountable?

Retweet it with the hashtag #30daysoftailwindcss


My twitter is this one.

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kevinhickssw profile image
Kevin Hicks

This is a great idea. I use Tailwind a lot, but end up falling back to Tailwind UI's prebuilt things a lot. When doing more custom things with Tailwind I still find myself in the documentation and even lost on how to approach designs sometimes.

This should be a great way to get more comfortable and familiar with all of Tailwind.

michaelandreuzza profile image
michael-andreuzza Author

Ahh true, I know about some doing that. Is probably because it required some effort to get to where you want to get. And of course, to get to more custom design, I would use the config file more often...
The challenges are pretty light, though. I may change some of them still.

Thank you Kevin :-)

ms_yogii profile image
Yogini Bende

Great thought 👏
Gamificaton adds good level of consistency which is required to learn anything. I will definitely give it a try!

michaelandreuzza profile image
michael-andreuzza Author

Nice one! Welcome Yogini! Can't wait to see what you make :-)

braydentw profile image
Brayden W ⚡️

Can’t wait to start!

michaelandreuzza profile image
michael-andreuzza Author

Go Bry, go Bry, go Bry! Can't what you do :-)