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This episode was so refreshing in that Yvon's take on business was so different and good. Something I've wondered regarding company culture was at what point does it get defined in a company's lifetime? I know in the beginning in getting a business off the grounds, it's often overlooked so that you can focus on product and market. It seems Yvon knowing himself and the demands of his peers, consciously focused on the needs of the folks working with him.

To your 3rd point, I wondered after listening to the episode if it still holds true to this day? Going to Patagonia's career page, and seeing the positions they are hiring for, I could say they are consistent with their values and culture.

Definitely inspiring and really enjoying the stories coming out of "How I Built This". Thanks for sharing @niko !


You are super welcome @michaelsoolee !! A Pal of mine that is a buff on outdoor sports history, shared that the piton business he originally started in the 50's he eventually sold to his workers in 89. And it is claimed that he then unofficially gave them space in Patagonia's head quarters until 91 when they moved the biz to Utah. They renamed the company Black Diamond Equipment and are now one of the most respected outdoor equipment brands in the world.

The sheer reach and impact his commitment to sustainable good that nature, his employees, and customers benefit from blows my mind. I've listened to the podcast 4x now, and every time it gets me hype to follow in his footsteps forging a path of merged passion and positive impact.

Do you have any recommendations of other How I Built This episodes you particularly enjoyed? I'm currently listening to the Perry Chen Kickstarter episode :D.


Whoa very cool!

I know right? Really blew my mind as well as it seems backwards to a lot of the companies we see today, where it's profit over people. I always believe your people are the most important assets to your company and you should take care of them because they are taking care of you and your business.

As for other episodes, I'd say check out Blake MyCoskie's episode and if you're into beer, check out Jim Koch's episode on Samuel Adams. I also enjoyed Sara Blakely's episode on Spanx.

Which ones do you like?

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