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Ya'll are doing great! As many have said already, the reason I stick around the community is because it's always for the community. I love:

We have worked closely with the community every step of the way and have always strived to do the right thing.

Working with the community to build the community we all want to be part of help out with.

As for Rails, I recently switched to a team that's a Rails shop. As such it has been a delight to learn Rails and finally seeing the value of convention over configuration. You can onboard folks quicker because you know where everything is. Folks can talk about actual paths for building things instead of getting caught up over small details.

For this reason, although I'm a huge fan of JavaScript across the entire stack, in the team that I am in, I will keep pushing Rails because it's inclusive in nature. Once you get past the learning curve, you can jump into a Rails project and get up to speed fairly quick. Seeing DEV as a Rails project delights me and I'm learning new stuff and using it as a point of reference to take away and implement new ideas into projects I'm working on.

Excited for the future of what this community will become. Thanks to you and the rest of the DEV team for taking the helm and navigating the community to an awesome place.

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