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Hey hey Quentin! Really good post :)

I definitely resonate with your post.


I agree, both design and the technical aspects of the blog should be simple and low maintenance. As you point out in the first few points, the main purpose of your blog should be its content. So your blog really should get out of your way so that you can create content.


Is it a good idea to have various topics or should the blog be focused on one domain?

I think it's ok to have various topics on a blog. You're probably a multi-faceted person with different interests, so share about those things. You're also going to be evolving in both a person and career, so your blog should also be a living document that evolves with you.

How to find, gain and keep readership? That's not an absolute goal (meaning: I don't want to blog to gain fame), but a blog is meant to be read after all!

Someone once said, a website is like a crack house. You don't know how the people are getting in but they are there. Meaning, most of the time folks will just show up to your website. Naturally, if your intended readership is similar to you, a good source for getting readers is to just hang out in the places you like to hang out like or Twitter and just be helpful.

As for keeping readership, try having an email newsletter. I've only started doing this, and my readership is super small with my newsletter but the harder part isn't gaining a readership it is staying consistent and maintaining a rapport with your readers.

How to make the blog interesting? (kinda broad question, I know)

Just be yourself. Be human. Be relatable. Your uniqueness makes the blog interesting. Do you have any other interests? Why not merge the two? For example if you're a programmer and maybe can also draw, than include your drawings to illustrate what you're trying to explain in blog form.

Have opinions. If you have a certain opinion that goes against the norm, share it. It's more refreshing to hear what you're doing differently than what everyone else is doing the same.

How to monitor traffic and readership? How to see how things are going?

This is a hard one. I think it depends on what you want to get out of monitoring. Are you doing it to see numbers go up? If so than, you can add Google Analytics or watch your email newsletter sign up increase. If you don't care about numbers, than do you care more about serving your readers. Than are you having meaningful conversations with people online often? Do you get folks sharing your blog posts with others via social media or folks emailing you in to ask questions?

I hope this helps Quentin!

Blogging is definitely rewarding and I hope you'll keep sharing your thoughts and writings for a long time :)


Many thanks for this awesome answer, very helpful indeed :)

I noticed your website is made with Jekyll, that's what I intend to use for my blog (I know it a bit already and I really like it), any thoughts on that?


Yeah definitely check it out! Jekyll isn't the newest kid on the static site generator scene, but it is reliable. I'd say just choose one and stick with it. After all, it should be about content and not your system for generating your content.

When I first discovered static, I just enjoyed the fact that now I wouldn't be tied to a database and that my posts were portable because I could have SCM.

Feel free to ask me any questions you might have about Jekyll.

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