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re: It sounds like you do a lot of freelance/contract work, any advice for getting started and finding clients?

Not really actually. I've found, if you have one good client, that could be all you need as long as the finances and the terms work out.

I'm an introvert so I don't do a lot of aggressive networking. Really the best thing that's worked for me is to tap into your current network. During my normal meet up with friends, I would just mention in passing oh I'm looking for work.

By doing this, what I've found is you're able to tap into your friend's network. It doesn't always work out this way, but I've had some good luck. In that in mentioning it to a friend, they'll either find work that they need to get done in time or they'll be able to refer you to someone else in their network.

Obviously this isn't a good workflow if you're looking for steady work, but I've been fortunate to find a steady stream of work.

Don't be afraid to share this with friends you don't think will be a resource for you. The key is to simply cast a wider net. I've had friends not in the tech industry make really good connections that led to work.

Hope this helps Evan!


Thanks so much for the reply! That definitely helps, it's nice to hear that the "tap your current network" advice can actually work.

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