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re: As far as wisdom goes, just let work and life ebb and flow through out the day. The more I tried to set a hard line between the two, the more it st...


Working too many hours isn't a problem. Our family is pretty routine so I work within the constraints. Meaning I work normal business hours. But if I need to step away, I do and just make it up in the evening. The wife and kids will keep me in check to make sure I eat and get off work on time.

As for the focus part, as mentioned above:

I also recommend taking notes. Because as a parent, I'm lucky if I even remember what I ate for breakfast. My current setup is creating a new markdown file in a Dropbox folder and writing notes and reminders in it throughout the day. This allows me to regroup when I have to step away and remember and share with my team when I sync with them during daily stand ups. I also used Git Standup when I was on engineering teams making daily git commits.

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