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Discussion on: 10 Things I Hate About SQL

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Michael Dingler

I can live with uppercase, but then again, I've enjoyed programming Modula-2/Oberon in the past, and it's easy enough to automate it either way. But know what really grinds my gears? Excessive quoting of everything that isn't a keyword. Backtick heaven. (Seems more common in some databases than others)

I'm surprised, too, that there isn't more tooling around SQL-as-a-language, as opposed to specifc RDBMS. Compare it with HTML (another bloated beast). There you can have different syntaxes in template systems (like HAML), and alternate convenient ways to enter things (like Emmet). Not aware of anything like that for SQL. (And no, "expressive ORMS" aren't that, they fall into the same unreadable trap like DSLs that generate HTML. Or JSX, in the worst case).