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It's not so much the learning here that bothers me but the time. We all learn at different rates, some things are easier than others, so that time to learn each day can differentiate depending on what you are doing and what you are learning. When trying to grasp something, it may take longer than some concept that gives you an AHa! moment and things move along.

There is a ALOT to learn in software, and depending on what sort of environment you are in (Front or Back, Application or Web, Java or C#, AWS or whatever) there is a huge amount of choice to make. You can learn for the sake of learning, or learn to keep yourself up to date, or learn more about what you are doing. It's all up to us, and we all have different paths to keep and follow.

Notwithstanding the time commitment it IS a lot of time, but that is all relative to what you are doing and what you want to do. I'm more committed to learning and am always trying to learn more about something, and for me that's fine and at times I might want to learning something completely unrelated to my work just to keep myself amused, learning, and have some fun.

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