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I like the fact that Python is easy to learn and understand, its syntax is not obscure, has lots of tools and mods, plus a great community of people out there! The community helps as it means that you are usually NOT the first one doing something, and can find many examples to help you along the way. I came into it years ago after I had spent time doing Object Perl and needed something that did similar, but was not as convoluted.

I've built a few small scripts here and there, the most exciting thing I worked on recently was a small daemon that monitored SQS queues in Amazon and after receiving specific messages about builds and deploys would launch our automated testing suite in Bamboo. We had no integration between the two systems and there were plenty of libraries to handle the AWS credentials and connections. It was set to be run daily by cron to keep it honest, while it cleaned up after itself and logged things nicely. Been going about two years now and going strong.

Never used frameworks with it, mostly just straight Python and the IDE's I have gone back and forth on between PyCharm and Notepad.

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