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re: Engineering whiteboard interviews: yay or nay? VIEW POST


This reminds me of the old joke, how you shut up an engineer? Take away the whiteboard.

It's one of those "it depends" kind of tools. What do you want to use it for? An in depth, code me a function now kind of thing? No, I find its not the best tool. Honestly, these days, I barely even see them around any more. In our open office we use them more as movable walls than really to draw and communicate on, except for those times in Sprint planning we need to talk things out. For interviews that's the only good use I get out of them, as a way to make the candidate speak to something.

As a communication and lead tool on a question or problem we face all the time in my environment, I draw something start asking questions and use it more to lead into how the person thinks and problem solves. There are better and more efficient tools to use if you really need to have someone program.

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