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re: May I ask, why you moved to GC SQL? Are there any major advantages over AWS RDS (for your use case)? Just asking out of curiosity, thanks :-)

First Reason in our case it is cheaper:
db.t3.large is roughly db-n1-standard-2 and you save 0.005 $ / hour and on it goes.

We got Credits @Google ;)

You might want an alternative to prevent being vendor locked.

Multicloud is also a thing. As bigger plattforms like Netflix have showd us last year it is a bad idea to rely on one cloud.

And you can also use most of the steps to put your database in a kubernetes cluster that is brought to multicloud layer via istio.


I did a similar move from AWS RDS to Google Cloud SQL (for MySQL) at my previous workplace. Although the instance cost was cheaper (~30% less), the support was awful. We had a few issues with network bandwidth, query optimizer settings, size of database reported on console vs that shown in the DB itself. This was 3 years ago, so hopefully they have improved.

3 years ago CloudSQL was freshly out of Alpha into Beta. it shure did improve and change a lot.
Beta products in Google cloud are always a bit rough. Don't use the official support there. Use the official GCP Slack and ask in the corresponding channel, usually there are always some PO's of google around to help or give advice whom to contact. This is way better than the support, especially on Alpha & Beta implementations. Also a good way to get into Alphas.

Hey Mario could you post a link to the official GCP Slack? I can't seem to find it on the GCP support pages.

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