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Discussion on: 10 commands you don't want to be without in .Net Core

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metz2000 • Edited

Build and test have keyboard shortcuts. Package restore is automatic. Why would I type on command line instead of using an IDE? Just remembered, VS can run tests automatically after build 😃

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Personally, I only use the CLI on a day-to-day basis because it provides me with a better development experience (e.g., speed of the commands executed, flexibility in IDE choice, etc.). So if you're very happy with your dev experience, keep rocking on. :-)

However, using the CLI directly improves your knowledge of it, which is irreplaceable if you need to manage the CI/CD pipeline of your application. Setting up some of my first automated builds in TeamCity was difficult for me because I didn't know how Visual Studio was working with command line tools (like 'MSBuild') "under the covers".