How do you pronunce SQL

metruzanca profile image Samuele Zanca ・1 min read

So my friend and I got into an argument about pronouncing S Q L vs sequel.

What do you guys think?


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SQL is an interesting acronym. On its own I pronounce it as individual letters, but when next to "My", it then becomes My-sequel for some reason...
However..., after postgres, it goes back to post-gres-q-l


Now that I think about it, I do occasionally say SQL myself when talking about the language standard, but when the acronym is used in a db name its always sequel eg. mysequel or sequel server.

I also say no-sequel.


I say sequel because se quel is 2 syllables vs S Q L being 3.


I usually pronounce it as individual letters. It is an acronym after all.

Aside from what you've mentioned though, I've also heard it pronounced 'seekel'.


S-Q-L because that's what it was renamed to, and it's also the name of the defined standard. SEQUEL might have been the original name, but that does not matter.