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MetaMask Snaps Dev Guide

To help get started on MetaMask Snaps, we have prepared the following resources; you can also contact our Snaps team with the links below. 😁

πŸ§™β€β™‚οΈ Ziad Saab - Snaps DevRel
πŸ‘Ύ Eric Bishard - MetaMask DevRel
πŸͺ© Christian Montoya - Snaps Product
πŸ•Ί Francesco - MetaMask DevRel & Ambassador Director

*As well you can join our MetaMask Snaps Developer Discord


Before You Start ⚠️

Before you can build and test a Snap, you should have our experimental version of MetaMask installed. You will want to create a new browser profile or use a different browser than their regular MetaMask. Or disable "MetaMask proper" while MetaMask Flask is running.

This fork of MetaMask for developers (Flask) does everything a proper MetaMask wallet can do, with the addition of running Snaps.

From our webpage, you can link to the chrome extension for Flask.
*Flask only exists as a Chrome & Firefox extension. There is no fork or experimental version of MetaMask Mobile.

Start Here 🎯

To start building a Snap, follow this 5-minute tutorial teaching the basics tools, working with permissions, and adding an external API: Gas Fee Snap.

Full List of Snaps Resources

Also, you can explore further Ziad Saab's Sozu Hacker House workshop

Hackathon Tips πŸͺ„

We seek new and exciting use cases made possible only via the Snaps platform.

Beyond innovation, practicality, functionality, and proper usage of MetaMask Snaps, which are all very important, communication of your idea and its features and explaining what your project does that you can't do without MetaMask Snaps is just as important.

Check out Ultimate Hackathon Survival Guide that you should check out!

Example Snaps βš™οΈ

Want to see what others have built?

These example Snaps are functional, open source, and created by our community.

❓ Mystery Snap: Demo β€’ Repo
StarkNet: Demo β€’ Repo β€’ Video
FilSnap for Filecoin: Demo β€’ Repo
Password Manager: Repo
Transaction Simulation with Ganache: Repo (With Truffle Suite!)

Truffle Suite Integration πŸ”—

If you are building with Truffle, this starter repo can help you start with TypeScript, a Template Snap, and a Truffle Box for developing and testing snaps that interact with smart contracts.

MetaMask Snap Truffle Box

L2s and Non EVM Compatibility πŸ“‘


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