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Best Skills to Know in 2022 to Build Your Own Startup

ou can see how quickly the current world is growing. Almost every day different people from different countries create really amazing products or as we call them Start-ups. Some of them are doing it just for fun and some of them to earn a bunch of money from it. Doesn’t matter which side you want to be, anyway this article is right for you if you wanna do something like this. Because a little bit later I’ll tell you which skills you need for it!


Of course, there’s can’t be a Start-up without Programming, especially if you’re building virtual software or something like that. By knowing how to code you can easily do whatever you want, make a website, build your own application, create a cross-platform app or even write a Machine Learning algorithm. So as you can see yourself, there’s really great potential if you know how to code.

By the way, if you think that you can just pay someone and he will build an application for you, then you better think twice, because without knowing to code at all you won’t be able to check what he wrote and probably edit yourself. Also, with better knowledge, you can understand how much specific work in this field will cost and will not lose your money.

Also, for many of you the first thing on mind when you hear the word “Programming” is Game-dev and everything involved in it. Game-dev is a really cool sphere when if you know one of many programming languages such as C#, C++, and even Python. Creating your own game isn’t the full potential of it, you can also write your own engines which people will use to create their own games, so yeah, it’s really cool aspect of Programming and another reason why you should learn it. And it’s important to mention, all these different things which you can do with knowledge of coding are in demand and if you wanna think more long-term then it’s the best choice for you!


There’s can’t be an app or a website without good design. It’s one of the most important components of your product because it will show it in every aspect to your customers and they will love to use it. And I’m not talking only about UX/UI design and also about drawing illustrations, graphic design, and 3D Modeling.

As you see, there are lots of types of designs and each of them is different from the others, and also has its own software where you can do it more professionally and without any effort. For UX/UI design it’s usually Figma or Adobe XD. I prefer Figma, by the way, you won’t even need to download anything, you can just access your account through your browser and start making designs there too! For graphic design, it’s of course Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator. These are the main two software that is necessary for anyone who wants to deal with design and graphic design especially. For drawing illustrations I can advise you on ProCreate, this is a great app where you can easily draw whatever you want and there’re tons of tutorials on how to do it right, however, ProCreate is available only on iPad, so if wanna take it seriously you’ll definitely need iPad and ProCreate with it!


You can’t build a Startup without knowing how to manage it, or it will just crash. For better management, you need to understand how to be a good Founder and Product Manager at the same time.

Also, you need to be good at all financial stuff, like taxes, rules, etc. And this is probably one of the most important parts of Management. Without knowing all these financial things you won’t be able to calculate your profits right, the margin on your product, also you won’t be able to pay fewer taxes than you could do. So pay attention to it!


We’ve talked about three main paths or spheres in which you should definitely be involved and which are currently exponentially growing, and this trend will continue in the near future. I tried to explain the differences and importance of each of them so you can understand better which skill should you choose. Thanks for reading! If you like this article then don’t forget to follow me and my colleague on Twitter and also check out our NFT Collection.

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