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re: Hi Michel: Did you have any luck getting NETCore to run at a Linux shared hosting provider?

I did not find one that explicitly mentioned support for it, and I didn't ask the couple of hosts that I'm looking at (they both support Windows shared hosting). I found one discussion on the WebHostingTalk forums where a person was asking the question and the answers were "don't do it", though it was obvious that those saying it had zero experience with it. They see ".NET" and still see it as a Windows-only thing. Meanwhile, at work, we have .NET Core apps running on Linux (and Windows) servers without any issues.

I've considered a VPS since many are priced low with specs that would support my web site, but I'm not sure I want to get into that kind of trouble. Lots more configuration and maintenance, I would think...


Hello this is the route I went not because of any bias on shared hosting, but because im building a network where I need certain resources (bandwidth, storage, compute) for cheap... You get root control and can set up everything. I use Azure DevOps for Build and Deploy to a VPS. You can find dirt cheap VPS's here serverhunter.com. VPS slices can be had for the same price as shared hosting at $3.50 a month. My theory is this.. Datacenters were built, many hosting companies rented physical space/servers.. Companies like Wordpress, Azure, and Amazon wiped them out. New virtualization technology came along (docker, kuberneties, KVM, Hyper-V).. Which allows you to just buy some slice anywhere in the world.

For database I wouldnt consider MySQL cause it may be too much for me.. I would look into postgres and EF Core or litedb (litedb you dont even need an orm). After going through this process I suggest to just run the app directly with either kestrel or do it with no proxy (theres an article floating around how to do it)

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