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Before the apocalypse, I could work from home pretty much whenever I felt like it, but officially it was at the physical offices. Since March 16 everyone (except a few whose work cannot be done remotely) has been working from home. They do not expect to start bringing people back in until sometime in the fall (assuming things don't get worse). It looks like the buildings won't be filled at full capacity because of the open space nature of many floors, plus other challenges with distancing (washrooms don't have much space to move around, for instance). If I'm allowed to, I'll keep working from home.

At home, before all this my work laptop was set up on my dining room table with two external monitors, keyboard and mouse. That was OK for the occasional use. When it was confirmed that we'd be working from home for several months, I rearranged the small bedroom where my personal computer is located so there would be room for the work setup as well. That also involved putting an old home theater receiver with phono input and a turntable back on duty. :)

At the best of times, I don't like the hybrid approach with "floating desks" where multiple people may use the same docking station - I always saw those as cold and flu propagators. Even working at my own desk, in the open space setting contamination was a real thing. You were lucky if you got away with just a cold. I haven't been sick since I started working from home, whereas I often caught something at the office. I don't miss that at all!


Working from home has changed my setup as well! Using other rooms that I never really used before has been great to maximize space. True, working in an office is riskier for catching something. Working from home seems to be a lot safer and people are getting more and more used to it!

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