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Discussion on: 7 Reasons Why React is King of JavaScript UI Frameworks

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Patrice Ferlet • Edited on

React is not able to handle storage pattern (Angular has got services, Vue handles storage pattern) so you need Proxy and Context or Redux ⇒ bad
React has not real structure of project ⇒ bad
React mixes view and code, that makes the component a mess ⇒ bad
React handles almost everything in a view, even routes (which are not managed natively) ⇒ bad
React needs "useXXX" to be able to listen for something, and the setter function is not the same that getter ⇒ My god, it's so bad...
My list is long to say that React is very very bad. It's the new jQuery, everybody wants to use it because it's the fashion. But it's bad.