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Discussion on: Concurrency in modern programming languages: Rust vs Go vs Java vs Node.js vs Deno vs .NET 6

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Patrice Ferlet

That's not the case for everyone. There are plenty of examples of developers that switches from Rust to Go, from JS to Python, from Python to Go, from Java to Rust...

95% of users are on Windows, that doesn't make Windows the best OS. That's the same for languages and technologies.

Go is simpler to use, like Python is simpler to use. That helps to develop faster and with a certain level of needed control. Discord needed to avoid long LRU cache cleaning: OK. Now, is this very important for 95% of the websites in the world ?

You know what, I never cleaned cache of all website I do in Go. Their memory print is low... so... why using Rust here ? (And one of the API I develop has 100k request/sec to manage)