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Discussion on: Concurrency in modern programming languages: Rust vs Go vs Java vs Node.js vs Deno vs .NET 6

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Patrice Ferlet

There are tools in Go to check race condition.

The fact is that there are two paradigms, not a better one over the other.

Rust is not suitable for developing REST APIs, at least not as easily as with Go or even Python. Rust is very cool for developing low-level tools with increased control of memory management, in the case of low CPU cost applications.
But when we develop an HTTP application with a very complex management of coroutines to manage SSEs, with messages coming from different routines, Rust becomes purely and simply infernal.

Rust has its advantages, but you have to keep in mind that other languages are not outdone. I don't see myself developing machine learning in Go or Rust - I don't develop kernel modules in JS, and I definitely don't do REST APIs in Rust or C.

And for so many reasons, I'd need a multi-step article to demonstrate that Rust doesn't fit so well in many areas.