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Discussion on: How I test on front-end

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Michael Messerli

I've been trying to take a more TDD approach lately and it's still kicking my ass.

until the functionality of the UI is not solidified or the project gets a release date, I see adding tests as adding overhead

I really relate to this, I tinker so much while building out UI that I feel if I did write my tests first I'd just be updating them twice a day because I changed my mind about what a certain element should show/do.

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Daniel P πŸ‡¨πŸ‡¦ Author

Glad you can relate, I just want to point out that by putting it off I am (we are) taking a risk that when it is time to release and I write the tests when the functionality is no longer fresh in the mind, so the test might not have as good of a coverage. It's important to be aware of risk/benefit.