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"Now let’s start with more serious things."

I have to throw critique on this. The above statement causes the misconception that HTML or CSS would be somehow inferior to JavaScript. This is not true: you can do entire sites perfectly fine without JavaScript.

You only need JavaScript to enhance user experience, to provide dynamic changes that are not possible via HTML or CSS alone. Before going all-in with JavaScript you should make sure you know what can be done with HTML and CSS. Otherwise you may end up reinventing the wheel in JavaScript, but do it worse.

I would also point out the need to learn about accessibility (A11Y): what you make is not limited to only touch mobile phones or mouse controlled computers! Some people can't physically use a mouse, some other have issues with vision, some can't see at all. This means things like keyboard usability and making sites that don't break with increased default font size is also important.


What you just said is = 0 because html and CSS is just for Statics websites or else JS is for Dynamic website end exactly what we looking for ! You not gone tell me that html and css does Dynamic to !!


What do you mean a video chat without js ?

It’s not a video chat and how it works you should reed the readme of the repo then the author does a better job of explaining as I ever could


It depends on what you consider dynamic. With just HTML and CSS you can do things like: css-components.felipefialho.com/

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