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Been looking for a new job and I had a successful technical discussion over phone so I got to round three. Is a good thing as I was a bit tired yet could give rather sharp answers, and my previous tech interview didn't go well at all. Oh and the call was "unexpected" as I only knew roughly the time of day the call would come, but didn't know which day.

And I'll be massively unlucky if my current team member reads this post :D


I suffer from an undiagnosed form "tech interview anxiety" and not knowing exactly when a recruiter would call would make me insane. 🥴

Good luck with the next rounds!



I've had my own anxiety, the last time I was jumping to a real developer position for the first time and it was hard, but I've learned enough stuff from the professional side of things in the past seven years that I'm confident on the skills and strengths that I have, and I'm also very aware of my weaknesses. My strategy is based on honesty: if something I say, or the way that I am bothers in some way, then that place wouldn't be a good fit anyway :)


So you mean if your current team member reads the post they know that you're leaving?

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