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Discussion on: Stop Using React

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M.J. Moldvin

Stop telling me what to do. I don't care.

  1. It's Slow - not really, it can be optimized. And for what it's worth, it's the best tool for the job.
  2. It's Expensive - many things are expensive in life, and yet there are still people out there who are willing to pay the price, as long as those people exist, expensive things will exist too. In other words, if I have customers in my "expensive" website, it's all according to plan.
  3. It's inaccessible - look point 2, same reasoning, I don't care for the tribesmen of Zulu, it would be great if anyone could check out my products, but turns out I only care for people who could actually buy them. Turns out, they have good plans.
  4. React goes against what the web was made for - everything today goes against that, even this whole website, the web is changing according to its needs. Can't stop the progress.
  5. It's made by...those people - so this is a hit piece after all? Imagine my shock. I don't care about that, many more worse people have made things that you use in your daily life, are you ready to go back and live in a cave? I don't think so.

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