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Discussion on: Hi, we’re ErgoSesh and we are thrilled to be at CodeLand!

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Ami Scott (they/them)

Loved seeing the stretches this morning. Do you have stretches and things that can be done while sitting for people with limited mobility? That's been the hardest for me.

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Dr. Brett Weiss, DPT, CEAS Author

Hey Ami!

Thanks for reaching out. Best idea would be to focus on the posture resets that are done in your seat. Also tune in later at 6:28pm EST. Often the solution to the reasons we need to stretch is to address the ergonomic reasons why we get tight in the first place. Our suggestions later should help further with how to set yourself up. In our ErgoSesh appointments we get a full history from you, photos of your space and you in it, then we really can get specific in helping you out. Hope you enjoy the next ErgoBreak!