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Discussion on: How I Decided to Fight Climate Change as a Software Developer

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Mark Ringrose

LOVE this post. To be courageous is often hard, but your pragmatic approach to start right now, from where you are is brilliant in it's simplicity. Kudos, I'm glad I'm in this with someone else...

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Pablo Oliva Author

Mark, thanks for the compliment and I am very happy that you enjoyed the post. We must fight forward, together, in every way we can. Seeing the responses here and also now following groups, i.e. Extinction Rebellion, that are fighting hard for change has brought me from feeling despair to feeling hopeful. There are many examples of courageous things being done by many determined people, but form a personal example last March 15, with my family, I joined a local Fridays for Future protest here in Germany. The "kids" that organized this were super prepared, serious, and very clear about what they were doing. They are so much more aware than I was when I was their age. I walked away very impressed. In case you or anyone else is interested in joining this sort of thing, there is another worldwide protest scheduled for May 24: