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Discussion on: Response to isDate() Blog Post

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Matt Ellen

Apart from the American ordering to the month and the date, why isn't 12/31/292278993 a date? I'll admit that we probably won't be using the same calendar system in 292278993, but we don't know what it will be, so why not stick with the one we know?

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James Moberg Author

We may need to deal with this before 12/31/9999. The current max date for MSSQL SqlDateTime while java is 12/31/999999999. Luckily none of my clients are asking to schedule anything that far out in advance "yet".

What would it take to get all related technologies to agree on a standard? (ie, the current max date for java is 12/31/999999999.)

A recent project had a high lifetime membership calculation bug. Instead of entering "birthdate", the customer entered "current age". Server-side isDate() returned "yes" that the integer was a valid date, but couldn't perform a DateDiff() using the "valid date". To fix, I added a check using isValid("usdate", birthdate).