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Starting a blog is a wonderful idea, and it's a challenging one too. If you take a look around on the internet, you will find a lot of people write and publish often, and sometimes it seems like they do it effortlessly. But the truth is that you only need to have clear motivations and goals to guide you through the journey. 

In order to motivate those considering starting a blog, and to remind myself why this is important, I would love to explore the main reasons why you should start blogging to get a chance to make your place in this overwhelmed virtual world.

Keep in mind that this is not an exhaustive list :

Deepen your knowledge

By doing so, you deepen your knowledge. There is an excellent quote by Joseph Joubert regarding teaching others :

" To teach is to learn twice. "

Trying to share your knowledge and skills, will motivate you to master the subject on hand and to refine your thoughts.

People might comment to correct some of your thoughts, just keep in mind that they are helping you succeed and learn together and not to bring you down.

Give back to the community

Another great thing is that you help other people. we save a lot of time googling and searching answers on Stack Overflow.

Wring about your findings and how you solved your problems will help others, and probably the future you once you face the same issue.

Learn new skills

Writing code is not your only job as a developer. You have to document your code and write emails and a lots of other stuff like that. So writing blog posts is a great way to improve those skills.
blogging should be considered a learning experience, and when people learn, they grow and feel fulfilled and more happy.

Build your online brand

Blogging is an excellent way to market yourself. It means that you open the door for more opportunities.
On a personal side, it will help you build your career. On the business side, it helps building an audience for upcoming eBooks or Apps.

Increase in self confidence

One of the benefits of blogging, is to build self confidence. by posting about topics that trigger engaging comments and exchanging thoughts about them, you will get a great feeling of positive emotions.

Blogging will make you realize that you do have something important to say and will encourage you to speak your mind more often.

Final words

If you already have a blog, your next challenge is to build the habit of publishing regularly, consistency is always the key.

If you don't have a blog yet, I hope this will motivate you to start this new challenge.

The blog doesn't have to be good, it can be just a random collection of thoughts, and that's still a valuable and powerful addition to your online presence. 

Good luck!

This article was originally published on https://melbarch.com on May 10th, 2020.

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Great article. My personal takes:

will motivate you to master the subject on hand and to refine your thoughts.

Right. Whenever I want to share something I'm not 100% sure, I first do a search and try to understand it a bit more.

I want my posts to be clear, concise, and useful. Coherence and correctness are key and by practicing blogging, I improve those skills for future blogs. In the end, those skills help me at work, too. Win-win :)

Give back to the community

I started blogging because I wanted to improve my writing and orthography and also because of this.

It's like in the torrents world. It's nice just being a leecher but at one point you begin to understand why is important to also be a seeder.

In torrents world, more seeders mean the file can be found in several locations and could even be downloaded faster.

Blogging is the way I can payback and thank all those people that started blogging way before me and help me understand topics, learn something, and achieve my goals.

All the reasons you describe here, Mohamed, are very true. Blogging is a positive activity we should all try at least once.


Thanks Francisco 🙏 !
Totally the right way to improve our writings as developers.
Good luck in your journey